Mother’s Day Singular Possessive?

May 11, 2017

If your mom ever corrected your grammar, you might consider this interesting story about Mother’s Day. Notice how “Mother’s Day” is written? It’s singular possessive, not the plural possessive: “Mothers’ Day.” That’s because in 1912, Anna Jarvis…

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Another Letter from a Happy Parent

May 10, 2017

As parents we made a mistake… we put our son into a French immersion program in primary not realizing that our son learns differently than others! Gray’s confidence was in the tank and he was acting out in class due to a frustrating learning environment…

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R.A.C.E Run 2017 April, 23rd

March 29, 2017

We’re constantly amazed by the power of our students, and the lives they lead. Fleur O’Connor and her family are a wonderful example. They recently travelled to Kenya, where their experience of the country, people, and culture left a lasting impression on…

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A Letter from a Current Parent

March 10, 2017

We love what we do here at Novaread. And we love what our students learn to do, and the ways in which it effects them and their families. Here’s an excerpt from a letter sent to us by proud mom, Avila, whose son, Dylan, is a student here…

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Improving Communication Skills

February 12, 2017

There’s no denying that children learn differently today. The world is growing and changing daily, and exponentially. But the fundamentals of communication remain the same, even if reading a typical email…

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A Letter from a Former Student

January 25, 2017

We’re very proud of the the work we do here at NovaRead. We strive to unlock learning potential for every student who walks through our doors. It’s hard to see them go, but it’s amazing to see them move on and accomplish great…

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A New Year, a New Website

January 8, 2017

Happy New Year! For us it begins with some changes around the Novaread office that will help us serve our current clients better, and reach more students who are ready to unlock their learning potential…

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