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May 7, 2022

Remediation vs. Accommodation

Remediation: the development of skills in order to access the innate ability within the students we work with.

The students that we work with at Novaread arrive with the natural ability to interact with the expectations of their current grade. That natural ability has yet to be developed so they are struggling. We access that ability through explicit instruction that develops the skill or skills they are lacking on arrival.Main entrance to Novaread Halifax

When we say that we ‘Unlock Learning Potential’, this is what we mean. Our students arrive bright and capable. We walk with them through the steps of their program and when we discharge them they are able to independently succeed in school.

Accommodation: the process of adapting or adjusting to someone or something

There are many examples of accommodations in learning environments. Note takers, speech to text, computer assisted reading are just a few. There are times when it may not be possible to build the ability so you need to adjust the way the student is interacting with the expectations of their classwork. If we were discussing physical disabilities rather than learning, a ramp to assist a student in a wheelchair would be an obvious accommodation. Sometimes you need ramps for the mind as well.

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