A Letter from a Current Parent

March 10, 2017

We love what we do here at Novaread. And we love what our students learn to do, and the ways in which it effects them and their families.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter  sent to us by proud mom, Avila, whose son, Dylan, is a student here.

“Reading has been a huge obstacle for my son, Dylan, even though he’s bright in many other ways. At age four, I could tell he wasn’t learning the same way as his older brothers had, and by age six the gap between him and his classmates was growing. He needed extra help, but it soon became clear he wouldn’t get it in school. I wanted to act early to prevent this from affecting his self-esteem and attitude toward learning. We turned to Novaread at the end of Grade 1.

Novaread’s assessment identified that Dylan struggled with the most basic components of literacy. They were able to provide a systematic approach to developing his skills. While it was slow going at first, the changes I’ve seen in recent months are remarkable. He is now able to take on more difficult text, with good comprehension and enjoyment of what he is reading. His homework is easier and faster. He is even starting to read books independently.

Novaread provides a relaxed and caring atmosphere for their students. The main person who works with Dylan is Brian Bagnell, the owner of Novaread. He has been doing this for years, and his experience shows. He always demonstrates a great mix of patience, energy, and humor – all essential to keeping Dylan motivated, while setting firm expectations.

We still have work to do, but the improvement is obvious. I’m beginning to breathe easier, and have great hopes for Dylan’s future success.”

Avila Cox, Parent of a Novaread Student