A Letter from a Former Student

January 25, 2017

We’re very proud of the the work we do here at NovaRead. We strive to unlock learning potential for every student who walks through our doors. It’s hard to see them go, but it’s amazing to see them move on and accomplish great things in life.

That’s why we loved hearing from former student, Peter Gale. We’re proud that we were able to make a difference in his life. And, we’re proud of everything that he’s gone on to accomplish. We know he’ll achieve much more, and wish him the best. Here’s the very kind letter he posted on Facebook earlier this month.

“Parents often enroll their children in Novaread to remediate learning disabilities they may face. In that aspect, I believe Novaread is unparalleled by any other institution. I also believe, though, that Novaread gives its students something more, that’s equally important: the care and positive attitude with which staff members interact with students.

When I arrived at Novaread, I felt inadequate intellectually, and incapable of learning some of the simplest things. But Novaread’s staff members wouldn’t let these negative ideas take hold of me. Instead, they showed me that ,in many ways, my learning disability is actually an advantage. I’ll never forget that. I’m convinced that, by helping me gain self-confidence and take pride in my learning style, they made the whole remediation process much easier and more effective.

They knew how to guide me through my struggles then, and that guidance will help me take on those I’ll inevitably face in the future. Today, when I list the most influential people in my life, it goes as follows: My mother and father, and Brian Bagnell (the founder of Novaread). Brian is a close friend, and I still ask for his wise counsel on navigating life with a learning disability.

Brian and the staff at Novaread helped me succeed academically to the extent that I could attend any school in Canada I wanted to, receive scholarships, succeed there, and most importantly, in life. I literally wouldn’t be where I am without Novaread.”

Peter Gale, Former NovaRead Student