Another Letter from a Happy Parent

May 10, 2017

We’re so proud of how far Gray has come since his first session with us at Novaread. So is his mother! Celina recently sent us a very kind letter regarding their journey.

“As parents we made a mistake… we put our son into a French immersion program in primary not realizing that our son learns differently than others! Gray’s confidence was in the tank and he was acting out in class due to a frustrating learning environment.

Brian at Novaread changed everything. He patiently worked with Gray. He methodically addressed the weaknesses and limitations that were present and systematically helped Gray learn how to learn how to read and to spell.

Brian made learning fun and helped establish academic confidence for our son. We will forever be grateful because if this. Fast forward a few years and Gray is an avid reader and read the entire Harry Potter series in under 6 weeks!

We have since returned to get a little assistance with math. We have the same tutor (Brian), the same student (Gray) and we have had the same incredible results!”

Celina Spence, Parent & Happy Mom