A New Year, a New Website

January 8, 2017

Happy New Year! For us it begins with some changes around the Novaread office that will help us serve our current clients better, and reach more students who are ready to unlock their learning potential.

You may have noticed the biggest change thus far: our website. We’ve streamlined it from top to bottom. Visitors can now access all the information on the site more easily, by simply scrolling through a single page. And we’ve added this blog section. Regular updates will deliver information on what’s happening at Novaread, as well as our latest ideas and materials for helping our students unlock their learning potential. This blog will also include our take on educational trends, techniques and advances.

We’re here to help build a community of confident students, ready to face the next chapters in their lives. To do that, we’ll actively encourage and engage in conversations pertaining to education, reading, spelling, math, language, and comprehension.

If you haven’t had a chance to view our 2-minute Unlocking Learning Potential animated video, you can take a look here; it’s embedded below. It succinctly explains what we do here, and why. Please share it to help other parents and children find their potential, and our assistance reaching it.

If you have any questions, or thoughts on topics you’d like to see included here, please reach out to us at +1.902.425.7323 or info@novaread.com.