R.A.C.E Run 2017 April, 23rd

March 29, 2017

We’re constantly amazed by the power of our students, and the lives they lead. A current student and her family are a wonderful example. They recently travelled to Kenya, where their experience of the country, people, and culture left a lasting impression on them.

Now they have embarked on a family project to keep that experience alive. They’ve invited Dorothy, a Kenyan girl, to visit Halifax. They’re raising funds to finance the trip via a run in Point Pleasant Park, April 23rd, which they’ve named “R.A.C.E.”—Race for Awareness, Courage, and Empowerment.

We’re proud supporters and participants, and we encourage you to join us.

To learn more and lend your support, please read the story and use the link below. We encourage you and your family to register and help Fleur reach her goal of registering 150 racers.


Our trip to Kenya was incredible, life changing for all of us. It wasn’t just who we met or what we saw, it was being a part of a place so rich in history and filled with such wonderful people. We feel privileged to have been such embraced visitors to a country where the people have so little yet are happy with the simplest pleasures.

Now back in Halifax we are trying to keep even a small piece of our experiences alive in our day to day life. In mid April we will be bringing the Kenyan girl named Dorothy, to Halifax. What began as Fleur’s Bat Mitzvah project to sponsor a girl from Kenya has turned into a family initiative, which began with our trip to Kenya. We met Dorothy’s mother while in Iten and she agreed to allow Dorothy to come to Halifax and spend time going to school, running, sight seeing and experiencing life in Canada. We are super excited!

To continue the fundraising efforts to make this happen we are hosting The R.A.C.E. Run!

The R.A.C.E. Run – Race for Awareness, Courage and Empowerment – is on April 23rd, at Point Pleasant Park. Our goal is to have 150 runners participate!

We know that people often register at the last minute for things like this but we would love to have you consider registering early and planning to join us on April 23rd.

Run, walk, race, laugh, volunteer and sign up to support this project!

PLEASE REGISTER TODAY! When you visit the registration page you can sign up to volunteer or run/walk the race.